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Abbreviation of electronic mail, Email is basically the information stored on specific computer that is swapped between two users over telecommunications. In general terms, email is an electronic text message that comprises images, files, texts and other attachments that are send via a network to specific individual or group of people over telecommunications. Ray Tomlinson is the first person to send the first email in the year 1971. By the year 1996, more electronic mails were being sent compared to postal mails. - Email Verify

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Breakdown of Email Address

  • The very first part of an email address, that is the part before the @ symbol, contains the user, alias, group or department of a company

  • Next is the @ symbol which acts as the separator in email address, this symbol is required for all SMTP email addresses

  • Finally, the domain name which comes after the @ symbol and it looks like It is the domain name to which the user belongs.

Sending and Receiving Email

  • E-mail Program - In a bid to send and receive email you are required to use email programs which are also called as e-mail client like Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook. These email clients have a server where all the messages that you send and receive are stored safely and it is provided by your ISP or another company. Your email client is required to establish connection with a server in order to download new emails, but the emails that are stored online automatically update as you visit the site.

  • Email Online - This is the alternative way of sending and receiving emails and it is very popular way today amongst most of the people across the world. It is also referred as online email or webmail services. Some of the online webmail service providers include:

  • Yahoo Mail

  • Gmail

  • Hotmail

  • Rediffmail

Composing an Email

While composing an email online you are required to fill several fields and type the message on email body and enter the email address in the address bar of the email to send.

  • The " To" field is to be filled with the email address of the person to whom you are intending to send the email

  • The " From" field needs to filled with your email address

  • In case, you are replying to any email message, then the "To" and " From" fields are automatically filled out. But, in a new email message, you are required to type the "To" and "From" fields manually.

  • The " CC" or Carbon Copy is the field where you are required to enter the email address of other people to whom would like to send the same email at a time. However, it is not mandatory for every mail. It is only applicable when you are required to send mails to a group of people

  • The " Subject Line" is the field where you need to write few lines to describe the email's content

  • Finally, the "Message Body" is the field where you need to type the entire message. The message body may also include your signature right at the bottom of the body just similar to that of a hand-written letter.

What is The Valid Email Address?

There are in fact a variety of rules that your email address must adhere to be valid. Some of the rules are mentioned below:

  • As already mentioned, the email address must comprise of a username followed by the @ symbol and lastly the domain name with domain suffix

  • The username of the email address must not be longer than 64 characters and the domain name can't be longer than 254 characters

  • The entire email address must have only single @ (at sign) symbol

  • The email address must not have any special character like ", ;, (), ; <> \ {} [] and more. In some cases, the backsplash, space and quotation symbols are accepted, but it must be preceded with forward slash. But, some email service providers don't allow such special characters in the email address.

  • The email address and username cannot begin with or end with a period and they must not have two or more consecutive periods.

Advantages of Emails

  • Email communication is very easy to use and it allows you to organize all your daily correspondence. You can send and receive electronic messages and even save them on your computer or server

  • Electronic mails are the fastest means of communication. The emails can be sent to recipients from across the world in matter of seconds. No other type of written communications is as fast as email

  • The language that is used for composing an email is informal and simple

  • There is also the feature of attaching images and files along with an email

  • While replying to an email you can attach the original message from the sender so as to make the recipient know what you are replying for. This is crucial if you handle hundreds of emails daily.

  • There is also the feature of sending automated emails with specific messages or text. This is a great feature of email that helps you to tell the senders that you are on vacation. This service is also referred as auto responders.

  • There is not wastage of paper; thereby it is the environmentally friendly option of sending and receiving messages without the use of paper. This also saves a lot of trees from being chopped for preparing papers

  • Users can set theme and pictures as background of their email and this is helpful when it comes to send newsletters or birthday cards as emails

  • Products can also be advertised with the help of emails. It can help business to reach wider clientele through email marketing and inform about their products and services in short span of time and with minimal marketing budget.

These were some of the benefits of using emails in this era of digitalization.

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